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The XP Mod is a game modification that allows users to receive a large amount of XP when playing a single game. This is commonly used to level up home cities on the multiplayer platform ESO. The XP Mod is included in the ESOC Patch Launcher. To use the XP Mod, you have to play a XP-receiving game on ESO where both players are playing on the XP Mod.

Using the XP Mod will give you enough XP to instantly reach level 100 on your home city. It is advised to play an asian (Indian/Chinese/Japanese) home city when using the XP Mod, because that will allow any newly created home cities after to start at level 100 as well.

How to use the XP Mod [*]Download the ESOC Patch Launcher. [*]Run the ESOC Patch Launcher. [*]Click on Tools > Launch XP Mod. [*]Find another user who will launch the XP Mod. A good place for scheduling games on XP Mod is in the ESOC Discord server. [*]Play game together. Use fast speed to prevent the game from being rated and to reach the 2-minute mark quicker. Use an asian home city to ensure home cities created afterwards start at high level as well. [*]Wait until 2 minutes of in-game time passes. After the 2-minute mark, one of the players should resign. The other player will receive the XP bonus.