Wise Woman FF

From The ESOC wiki for Age of Empires 3

Discovery Age

Case I: If it is a 100c start or the coin treasures were easy to collect, then make market asap, gather 175c, sell for wood for longhouse (don't forget it costs 125w) and gather 50w for hunting dogs plus 25w more for the longhouse.

Case II: Another option for the 100c is to leave it, build a longhouse from the discovery travois and put your villagers on food.

Case III: If it is a 100w start, gather 100w more for a trading post and make a longhouse with the travois. The first shipment is 3 villagers. You hit age up with The Wise Woman at 15 villagers ideally at less than 3:20. And send all villagers to gather 200w for tp. Start herding your next one or two hunts. Gather more 200w if you want to add a second tp or just 75w for placer mines. It depends on the macro, your opponent's civ (aggressive/passive) and the wood treasures you found. Have 25w gathered for the 2nd longhouse. Afterwards, send 9 villagers to food and 6 to coin.

Colonial Age

You have 200f, 100c and 100w from the age up. The first shipment should be 5 villagers. Build a warhut with travois in a defensive position and longhouse from age up resources. Gather 300c, plus having 100c given from age up, or the additional 100c from the initial crate spawn. Use that for aging to fortress. While gathering hit TC big button for 5 tomahawks. Next shipment is 600c. Finally, since you don't need any more coin, put all villagers on food and keep 5 tomahawks to protect you from raids. Hit age up button with The Messenger, the fast age up in less than 7 minutes. Redistribute villagers on coin at about half there and the half at food.

Fortress Age

In fortress you might have to make more decisions. Either send 1200 resources or unit shipments. One idea is to build a corral for musket riders and have the warhut making forest prowlers. Another is to gather 200w during age up to add corral and place a second warhut more forward to gain map control. Don't forget to add some villagers on wood for longhouse production, since you are still at 40 pop.

Remember that Elite Kanya Upgrade costs 200w and 100c, you might need them to add momentum in your army. Also, consider the stealth ability of Forest Prowlers to scout with just one unit the opponent or gain position advantage in a fight. This is roughly the build order. Iroquois is a very strong civilisation in age 3, where they have shipments like 5 Musket Riders, 6 and 5 Kanya Horsemen and 8 Forest Prowlers.