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Balance changes


  • "The Exiled Prince” & Fortress Age "The Messenger" age-time increased from 40s to 45s
  • “Bastion” improvement moved from Colonial to Fortress Age; now also increases wall build-time by 50%
  • "Advanced Dock" shipment no longer affects Fishing Boat train-time.
  • Culverin ship multiplier decreased from 12.5 to 10
  • "Apache Raiders" improvement decreased from +2 to +1 Apache Cavalry villager multipliers


  • “TEAM Cheap Fishing Boats” shipment changed from no effect to -20w Fishing Boat cost


  • Shaolin Master cover mode removed; passive-aggressive abilities chance increased from 20% to 30%, in the Colonial Age
  • Disciple train-time decreased from 11s to 7s
  • "TEAM Improved Warships" shipment increased from +15% to +20% attack & hitpoints
  • Qiang Pikeman hand attack light infantry multiplier increased from 2.25 to 3.5
  • “Territorial” banner-army train-time decreased from 33s to 29s


  • "Advanced Dock" shipment increased from +50% damage, +50% heal-rate and -33% train-time to +100% damage, +100% heal-rate and -33% train-time; no longer affects Fishing Boat train-time.


  • House cost increased from 60w to 70w; bounties adjusted from 12 to 14 (build) & 24 to 28 (kill)
  • Zamburak ranged resistance decreased from 30% to 20%; Mansabdar updated accordingly


  • "Crates of 400 Food, 200 Wood, and 200 Coin" shipment changed to 300f, 300w, 200c


  • Golden Pavilion wonder, ranged unit attack bonus decreased from 15% to 10%
  • Shogun Tokugawa cost increased from 350c to 750c; bounties adjusted from 35 to 75
  • Shrine cost reduced from 125w to 120w; bounties adjusted from 25 to 24 (build) & 50 to 48 (kill)


  • “Guard Abus Gun” improvement cost reduced from 450f, 600w, 600c to 600w, 600c
  • "Janissary Combat" home-city shipment increased from 15% to 20%


  • Musketeer batch cost reduced from 281.25f, 93.75c to 270f, 90c


  • Teepee hitpoints aura decreased from 10% to 7%
  • War Chief ranged resistance now increases from 10% to 30% when reaching the Fortress Age


  • Rodelero hand attack increased from 10 to 11

Map changes

  • Added UIx version of New England, removed old version.
  • UIx New England: improved sheep spawn locations, whales fix, island fix, other tweaks.
  • Seasonal Winter version disabled, until further notice, on the following maps: UIx ESOC Fertile Crescent, UIx ESOC Florida, UIx ESOC Mendocino, UIx ESOC Pampas Sierras.
  • UIx ESOC Kamchatka: disabled Winter spawn version until end of July, 2019.
  • Prevent starting mines spawn failure in games with more than 2 players (by falling back to 1v1 mine spawn logic when needed), on the following maps: UIx ESOC Mendocino, UIx ESOC Manchac, UIx ESOC Tassili. Was primarily an issue for teamgames with observers.
  • UIx ESOC Colorado: adjusted player placement locations in 2v2 with observers, in order to ensure starting units spawn for all players.
  • UIx ESOC Malaysia: water areas of the map should no longer occasionally become filled with land.

Patch changes


  • "Spanish Gold" description updated to "Precious metals from the new world grant additional coin with all your shipments, starting with this one."

Bug fixes

  • "Advanced Dock" shipment undocumented and unintended +3 range effect buff reverted (was in effect since EP 3.2).
  • Fixed a bug causing the Disciplined Urumi shadow tech effects to be applied team-wide; especially problematic in combination with the Team Urumi shipment, which enables this tech even for non-Indian teammates.
  • "Spanish Gold" shipment now affects "Native Treaties" and "Royal Decree to Claim the New World" shipments with the extra coin crate.
  • "Spanish Gold" shipment no longer grants an extra coin crate with the arrival of Aztec allies granted by the "Native Treaties" shipment.


  • Added option to show unit/building HP on mouseover.
  • Added option to hide game interface on screenshots.
  • Any error encountered during the update process will now be properly logged.
  • Fixed an issue where the Launcher would always launch ESOC Patch after "repairing" a suspicious file, even when the user was originally interrupted from launching Treaty Patch or XPMOD. The proper originally-interrupted game version will now be launched in this case.


  • Launching any game version through the ESOC Patch Launcher will now start the game using substitute patcher service provided by, circumventing the ongoing problem of official patcher service being unavailable.


  • Made further changes to prevent an integrated GPU from being used to run the game when a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card is available on the user machine instead.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing certain unit sounds to be heard across the whole game map, regardless of camera distance from the sound origin. The affected units/sounds were: Flamethrower (death), Flying Crow (death), Howdah (siege), Mansabdar Howdah (siege), Siege Elephant (attack), Mansabdar Siege Elephant (attack), Morutaru (attack), Shogun Tokugawa (attack), Mansabdar Flail Elephant (attack), Asian Fishing Boat (attack).

Map changes

  • Reduced image quality of minimap thumbnails, significantly reducing patch download size.
  • Recreated all minimap thumbnails of UIx maps, fixing an issue that would cause the sample spawn to be overly resource-rich.
  • UIx ESOC Kamchatka minimap thumbnail now showcases the Summer spawn version of the map.
  • UIx ESOC Fertile Crescent: the map will now spawn and place players correctly in 1v1 observer mode without observers.
  • Added UIx version of Ceylon, removed old version.
  • Added UIx version of Himalayas Upper, removed old version.
  • UIx ESOC Baja California rebalanced:
    • resized the map for all game types (-10s rush distance in 1v1)
    • reshaped the coastline (notably less land behind TCs)
    • changed the starting position of player for team and FFA
    • tweaked forest amount/density
    • -1 fish shoal per side
    • changed the number of treasures to be fixed (6 tier2 in 1v1)



  • Refactored diplomacy backend code and partially moved it to ESOC UHC Plugin, improving performance and Scenario interoperability. It is now possible to activate Diplomacy using a custom trigger in Scenarios, either by simply calling trActivateDiplomacyGadgetsESOC (RE-incompatible), or through a slightly more advanced trigger if including RE compatibility is desired (available in EAGLEMUT's trigger pack).
  • Diplomacy state changes are now announced to all players.
  • Fixed visual issues on the Diplomacy UI window in games with more than 8 players.
  • Diplomacy UI toggles now become disabled and display an error message in 12-player games, instead of causing a game crash upon usage.
  • Merged the confusing "OK" and "Cancel" buttons into a singular "Close" button, instead of presenting two buttons with the same effect.



  • All game versions launched through ESOC Patch Launcher now load up significantly faster than normal (sample 17 seconds -> 10 seconds).
  • Check whether official game patcher service is available on launcher startup, only use ESOC-provided substitute game patcher service when official one isn't up (following up on the ESO login hotfix).
  • Updated obsolete patch notes links to now lead to ESOC wiki.
  • Fixed a visual issue on focused scrollbar elements.
  • Implemented launcher options allowing to set up a singleplayer skirmish match with up to 12 players, including selectable teams for players 9-12. Affects all ESOC patches, as well as the official RE patch. Once you've set the desired options in ESOC Patch Launcher, simply launch the game, host a skirmish without changing the player count, and play. FFA is also supported; simply select Free-for-all when hosting the game room and any previously selected teams will be disregarded.

lxTlOBe.png vtW4IlT.jpg


  • Prevent false positives on calendar-related background applications.
  • Prevent false positives on configuration files of other game versions not related to ESOC.
  • Improved accuracy of detected command displayed in error message to user.
  • Detect possible exploit involving unit transformation.
  • Several improvements to detection of opening developer console.


  • The team selection in multiplayer game rooms (ESO/LAN) is now sorted logically, and teams 3 & 4 are properly synchronized between all players in the game room when selected.
  • Default state of the Free-for-all option in multiplayer game rooms (ESO/LAN) now persists for the host throughout a single game session (until the game is closed).
  • Replaced the "Play Fast" button in record game UI with a dropdown allowing for a more precise selection of the playback speed factor - effectively allowing for faster playback than which was possible before. Value "1" is equivalent to the default speed, while value "2" is equivalent to the previously available "Play Fast" button. Note that playback speed remains highly influenced by the particular recorded game and by computer processing power. Aizamk's Spectator UI has so far not been updated to include this feature.

ESO game browser

  • Added a new filter option to the Filter dialog; "Show games hosted on a different patch". With this option disabled, you will only see games hosted on the same patch as you're on and able to actually join. The option persists only until you leave ESO; the initial state always remains to show games hosted on any TAD-based patch.
  • Added a new checkbox option above the game list; "Auto-pest inviters". With this option enabled, anyone who invites you to a custom game will become immediately pested. This option persists throughout a single game session (until the game is closed), disabled by default. The option is meant to alleviate the "invite spam" glitch, possibly making the glitch harder to execute or grant some additional time before it goes through. Absolutely no results guaranteed, previous attempts at this approach had mixed results at best. Note that the pest list has a limited size, which currently remains up to the player to manage.

Map changes

  • UIx New England: mine spawn improvements, enlarged lakes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the Sioux Warchief building animation to sometimes not activate.
  • Fixed a bug allowing for "knocked out" units (such as downed explorers) to wake up on command at any point by using a hotkey to change their tactics/squadmode.
  • The master game sound level will no longer reset to maximum level whenever the game window regains focus.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a building foundation to be built at a much slower speed than intended when the main builder unit's action was suspended in an irregular way (garrison).
  • Fixed a bug where garrisoned builders could continue to affect the maximum builder limit of a placed building foundation they were originally tasked on, resulting in less or even no other builders being able to be tasked on the building foundation.

Observer Mode

  • The incredible Aizamk's Spectator UI is now bundled with the ESOC Patch installation in all its available resolutions, and automatically activated for players who are spectating a match, according to their current game resolution. If the spectator's game resolution isn't supported, no version of the spectator UI will be activated. The Spectator UI will be automatically activated in live matches as well as while playing back recorded games on a UI-enabled map (working on all post-UI 2.2 maps and post-EP 6.1 recs). The Japanese branch of Aizamk's Spectator UI is also supported in all its resolutions, but requires manually creating file "isjapaneseversion.txt" in the root game folder in order to activate it in place of the English one.
  • The "minimized UI" game option will now become automatically enabled while observing, in order to ensure no display issues with the spectator UI. Upon leaving the match, this option will be returned to its original state in the case it's been force-switched. This should allow for seamless observing even for users who prefer maximized UI during regular gameplay.
  • The "Sandbox" difficulty setting no longer acts as an Observer Mode activation on UIx maps, and will not influence the map spawn. Instead, we are introducing a separate checkbox option "Observer Mode" to act in its place, available only in multiplayer lobbies (ESO/LAN). The new option is properly synchronized between players in a game room, and its default state will persist for the host throughout a single game session (until the game is closed).
  • Whenever a "team observer mode" game room is joined by a player, default teams as appropriate for the Observer Mode logic will be preselected for all players in the game room. For these purposes, a "team observer mode" game room is defined as a room with 4 or more players, FFA disabled, and Observer Mode enabled. With 4 to 6 players, 2v2 tvb is assumed. With 7 to 8 players, 3v3 tvb is assumed. Observers are placed on team 3.
  • The amount of experience received for deleted units/buildings is no longer affected by the number of observers in a match. Players will now always receive the full bounty award as if there were only two opposing teams.


Diplomacy / Locked Teams

  • Retired previous diplomacy implementation logic in favor of a more native one through UHC2. Diplomacy will no longer be automatically activated in FFA games and custom triggers used to activate Diplomacy in scenarios should no longer be used, although they remain functional for the time being; to preserve compatibility.
  • Diplomacy can now be toggled using the "Locked Teams" option in ESO/LAN multiplayer game rooms, as is common in other Age games. Since AI players are not currently able to utilize this feature intelligently, it is not made available in singleplayer Skirmish.
  • The "OK" and "Cancel" buttons have been brought back onto the Diplomacy UI window and now function as expected. Changes will not take effect until confirmed by the "OK" button.
  • Diplomatic stance change notifications have been reimplemented natively, instead of using inefficient triggers. This should solve any performance concerns and make these notifications work out of the box even in scenarios.
  • The Diplomacy feature is now also included in the ESOC Treaty Patch.



  • The UHC library file is now versioned for the purposes of record game compatibility; this release introduces a separate version with breaking changes for the first time. The Recorded Games Recognition tool should allow for seamless playback of older recorded game files, even if those matches feature bugs fixed directly through UHC, such as "slow build" mentioned earlier.


  • Foreign plugins in the game folder are now allowed and no longer detected by anti-cheat. ESOC Patch executables will now only ever load the ESOC UHC Plugin itself, as defined by a new UHC configuration option.

ESOC Map Pack installer

  • Reflected changes to Observer Mode; compatible maps generated for use outside of ESOC Patch environment should remain functioning same as before.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an unwanted folder name to be appended to the destination path whenever a non-default path was selected.

ESOC Patch installer

  • Fixed an issue that would cause an unwanted folder name to be appended to the destination path whenever a non-default path was selected.
  • The installer will now verify whether the destination path contains a TAD executable (age3y.exe), rather than a vanilla executable (age3.exe), in order to proceed with the installation.

Additional notes

  • All listed changes are also in effect on the ESOC Treaty Patch, unless stated otherwise.
  • The bundled version of Aizamk's Spectator UI is functionally equivalent to the initial UI 2.2 release, as of now.
  • If you currently have Aizamk's Spectator UI manually installed, you will still need to uninstall it in order to get on the regular game UI. Unless you are intending to observe games not played on the environment of ESOC patches, you should not need to install it again.
  • Game resolution for Aizamk's Spectator UI is decided upon match start, and will not react to further resolution changes applied during the course of a match. The game resolutions supported by Aizamk's Spectator UI are:
    • 1920 x 1080
    • 1680 x 1050
    • 1600 x 900
    • 1366 x 768
    • 1280 x 800
    • 1280 x 768
    • 1280 x 720

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a possible client crash upon joining a multiplayer game room or receiving a custom game invite.


  • Default state of the Free-for-all, Observer Mode, and Locked Teams options in multiplayer lobbies (ESO/LAN) now persists for the host indefinitely, as the options are saved in the standard way in user profile.
  • Improved the Observer Mode button tooltip to be more descriptive.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the LAN game room UI where the "Allow Cheats" button was partially overlayed by other gadgets.
  • Fixed an issue where diplomacy stance change notifications would unnecessarily announce a change to the same diplomacy state (when triggered by triggers).
  • Fixed a UI issue where diplomacy towards the sixth player could not be changed.
  • Fixed a possible client crash upon leaving a multiplayer game room.
  • Fixed an issue where a map would fail to load on EP/XPMOD if the pre-selected map was not changed and the host's last match was played outside of EP/XPMOD on one of the following maps: Honshu * Regicide, Silk Road, Ceylon, Deccan, New England, Yellow River, Himalayas - Upper, any "Lrg" large map.

Map changes

  • UIx Parallel Rivers: fixed a bug where more mines than intended were being spawned in observed games.
  • UIx Jebel Musa: fixed a bug causing all whales to spawn on the top side, instead of being distributed fairly.
  • UIx Jebel Musa: implemented mine spawn for observed games.
  • UIx ESOC Global Warming: added new map for the purpose of special events. The map is essentially ESOC Indonesia without water.
  • ESOC Standard Maps map-set: UIx ESOC Herald Island added, UIx ESOC Klondike and UIx ESOC Thar Desert removed.

Multiplayer save/restore

  • Added "Save" option into the main game menu of multiplayer matches. Works the same way as in Singleplayer.
  • The game will now be automatically saved on each player's computer upon encountering an OOS (out-of-sync). The savegame filename is in the format "oos_recovery_", followed by date and time of OOS occurrence.
  • The "Unresponsive Player" dialog now allows any player to save the game on his computer using a new Save button (this does not affect the voting). In this case, the savegame filename is in the format "unresponsive_recovery_", followed by date and time of save.
  • Players are now able to host a multiplayer game of the "Savegame" game type, which will allow them to select a savegame file to restore. A "restored" game room can only be joined by players who participated in the original game (verified by player name, including the host), no game room settings can be altered before launching the restored game.
  • A "restored" game room must be hosted by the same player who had hosted the original game.
  • All players in a "restored" game room must select a homecity of the same civilization they have originally played with.
  • Remote transfer of the savegame file between players in a game room is handled automatically, similarly to Scenarios or Custom Maps.
  • All restored games will be unrated on ESO.
  • Note that a restored game which was played on any mapset will display with an unselected map in the game room. This does not signify that there is anything wrong with the savegame.
  • Note that loading a foreign savegame in general can cause some of your game settings to change (such as camera zoom distance), similarly to loading recorded games.