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Balance changes


  • "The Exiled Prince” & Fortress Age "The Messenger" age-time increased from 40s to 45s
  • “Bastion” improvement moved from Colonial to Fortress Age; now also increases wall build-time by 50%
  • "Advanced Dock" shipment no longer affects Fishing Boat train-time.
  • Culverin ship multiplier decreased from 12.5 to 10
  • "Apache Raiders" improvement decreased from +2 to +1 Apache Cavalry villager multipliers


  • “TEAM Cheap Fishing Boats” shipment changed from no effect to -20w Fishing Boat cost


  • Shaolin Master cover mode removed; passive-aggressive abilities chance increased from 20% to 30%, in the Colonial Age
  • Disciple train-time decreased from 11s to 7s
  • "TEAM Improved Warships" shipment increased from +15% to +20% attack & hitpoints
  • Qiang Pikeman hand attack light infantry multiplier increased from 2.25 to 3.5
  • “Territorial” banner-army train-time decreased from 33s to 29s


  • "Advanced Dock" shipment increased from +50% damage, +50% heal-rate and -33% train-time to +100% damage, +100% heal-rate and -33% train-time; no longer affects Fishing Boat train-time.


  • House cost increased from 60w to 70w; bounties adjusted from 12 to 14 (build) & 24 to 28 (kill)
  • Zamburak ranged resistance decreased from 30% to 20%; Mansabdar updated accordingly


  • "Crates of 400 Food, 200 Wood, and 200 Coin" shipment changed to 300f, 300w, 200c


  • Golden Pavilion wonder, ranged unit attack bonus decreased from 15% to 10%
  • Shogun Tokugawa cost increased from 350c to 750c; bounties adjusted from 35 to 75
  • Shrine cost reduced from 125w to 120w; bounties adjusted from 25 to 24 (build) & 50 to 48 (kill)


  • “Guard Abus Gun” improvement cost reduced from 450f, 600w, 600c to 600w, 600c
  • "Janissary Combat" home-city shipment increased from 15% to 20%


  • Musketeer batch cost reduced from 281.25f, 93.75c to 270f, 90c


  • Teepee hitpoints aura decreased from 10% to 7%
  • War Chief ranged resistance now increases from 10% to 30% when reaching the Fortress Age


  • Rodelero hand attack increased from 10 to 11

Map changes

  • Added UIx version of New England, removed old version.
  • UIx New England: improved sheep spawn locations, whales fix, island fix, other tweaks.
  • Seasonal Winter version disabled, until further notice, on the following maps: UIx ESOC Fertile Crescent, UIx ESOC Florida, UIx ESOC Mendocino, UIx ESOC Pampas Sierras.
  • UIx ESOC Kamchatka: disabled Winter spawn version until end of July, 2019.
  • Prevent starting mines spawn failure in games with more than 2 players (by falling back to 1v1 mine spawn logic when needed), on the following maps: UIx ESOC Mendocino, UIx ESOC Manchac, UIx ESOC Tassili. Was primarily an issue for teamgames with observers.
  • UIx ESOC Colorado: adjusted player placement locations in 2v2 with observers, in order to ensure starting units spawn for all players.
  • UIx ESOC Malaysia: water areas of the map should no longer occasionally become filled with land.

Patch changes


  • "Spanish Gold" description updated to "Precious metals from the new world grant additional coin with all your shipments, starting with this one."

Bug fixes

  • "Advanced Dock" shipment undocumented and unintended +3 range effect buff reverted (was in effect since EP 3.2).
  • Fixed a bug causing the Disciplined Urumi shadow tech effects to be applied team-wide; especially problematic in combination with the Team Urumi shipment, which enables this tech even for non-Indian teammates.
  • "Spanish Gold" shipment now affects "Native Treaties" and "Royal Decree to Claim the New World" shipments with the extra coin crate.
  • "Spanish Gold" shipment no longer grants an extra coin crate with the arrival of Aztec allies granted by the "Native Treaties" shipment.


  • Added option to show unit/building HP on mouseover.
  • Added option to hide game interface on screenshots.
  • Any error encountered during the update process will now be properly logged.
  • Fixed an issue where the Launcher would always launch ESOC Patch after "repairing" a suspicious file, even when the user was originally interrupted from launching Treaty Patch or XPMOD. The proper originally-interrupted game version will now be launched in this case.