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Balance changes


  • Wall hitpoints decreased to 1500 (down from 3000).
  • Bastion improvement effect changed to give 300% wall hitpoints increase (up from 150%).
  • Wall line of sight decreased to 1.
  • Elmeti, Mamelukes and Li’l Bombards are now unavailable to train in the Fortress Age.
  • Hire Egyptian Mamelukes home-city shipment effect changed to give 4 Mamelukes (down from 5).
  • Monitors cost decreased to 600 wood and 200 coin (down from 800 wood and 200 coin); Long-range Attack ability range decreased to 70 (down from 100) and increased cooldown time to 1 minute 30 seconds (up from 1 minute).


  • Bank experience-points bounties increased to 110 XP (up from 70 XP) — “Build” — and to 220 XP (up from 140 XP) — “Kill”.
  • Bank base build-limit increased to 6 (down from 4).
  • Bank of Rotterdam and Bank of Amsterdam home-city shipments effects changed from +1 bank limit to +20% bank gather rate.
  • Bank of Rotterdam and Bank of Amsterdam home-city shipments effects changed to increase Bank production-rate by 20% each instead of increasing their build-limit.


  • 100 food added to starting crates.
  • 200 wood removed from starting crates.
  • Aenna cost increased to 110 food (up from 100 food).
  • War Chief hitpoints-aura effect decreased to 10% (down from 15%).


  • TEAM Silk Road home-city shipment moved to the Discovery Age (from the Colonial Age); effect increased to 25% (up from 15%); team effect removed.
  • Abus gun reload time increased to 3.5 seconds (up from 3 seconds).
  • Veteran Abus Gun improvement effect changed to also give +2 range.
  • Mosque cost increased to 150 wood (up from 100 wood); XP income increased to 0.7 XP/second (up from 0.4 XP/second).
  • Janissary hitpoints decreased to 225 (down from 235).


  • Settler cost decreased to 80 food (down from 100 food).
  • 100 food removed from starting crates.


  • Bow Rider hitpoints decreased to 220 (down from 250).
  • Cetan Bow hitpoints increased to 100 (up from 90) and speed increased to 4.5 (up from 4).


  • 3 Lancers home-city shipment effect changed to give 4 Lancers.
  • 5 Rodeleros home-city shipment effect changed to give 6 Rodeleros.
  • 6 Rodeleros home-city shipment effect changed to give 7 Rodeleros.
  • 8 Rodeleros home-city shipment effect changed to give 9 Rodeleros.


Map changes

  • Changes to ESOC Arizona

Patch changes

  • Fixed version number echoed by recorded games
  • Improved launcher stability

Anti-cheat changes

  • Allowed some popular hotkey mods by re-writing most of the anti-cheat engine


Patch changes


  • Variations of moesbar hack (Lazerbear hacks) are now detected better
  • Detection of Third Party Map Hack / OOS Tools

User experience

  • TAD user interface added to launcher
  • Show FPS
  • Quick links to get support and see errors with Patch
  • One clean menu for launcher options
  • Repair feature for bugged temporary game files

Map changes

  • Treasure updates on multiple maps
  • Team game support added for ESOC Maps
  • California removed from standard maps (temporary, working out problems with this map)

Team map set

  • Added ESOC Manchuria
  • Added ESOC High Plains
  • Added ESOC Hudson Bay
  • Added ESOC Kamchatka
  • Added ESOC Tibet
  • Removed Saguenay (Hudson fills this slot now)

ESOC maps

  • Fixed map description for rated play
  • All maps are now playable in team / ffa.
  • ESOC Arkansas: fixed mine amount
  • ESOC Arkansas: fixed treasure amount and level
  • ESOC High Plains: adjusted resource distribution and treasures
  • ESOC Hudson Bay: adjusted map layout and treasures
  • ESOC Kamchatka: suspended new layout for the time being
  • ESOC Kamchatka: fixed treasure amount
  • ESOC Kamchatka: unlocked season switch on Kamchatka (forgot)
  • ESOC Manchuria: added more variations to the extra mines spawn
  • ESOC Manchuria: moved the paired yaks to the mid line instead of the north area
  • ESOC Manchuria: fixed mine placement for Manchuria team
  • ESOC Tibet: fixed trade routes and res placement

RE maps

  • New England: improved the distribution of the extra mines
  • New England: improved the spawn of whales
  • New England: improved the distribution of sheep
  • New England: removed extra lakes present in the team spawn
  • Patagonia: fixed 2nd deer spawn
  • Patagonia: improved the distribution of sheep
  • Siberia: placed the starting animals closer to TC
  • Yukon: pushed the 2nd mine a bit away from TC


Patch changes

  • Cinematic skip works now
  • Annoying game.con issues are gone (Now building rotator works)
  • New layer of anti-cheat added (No promises here, pretty small adjustment overall)

Map changes

  • Reverted treasures largely to the original set. A few maps maintained a small number of slightly larger treasures. Overall spawns should feel better now.


Patch changes

  • Fixed a hole in the anti cheat
  • Fixed an issue that detects some special hotkeys as suspicious behavior
  • Fixed an issue that detects random .bar (, ...) as suspicious behavior
  • Visual C++ 2013 instead of 2015. This will fix issues with older OS, principally Windows 7 without SP1, which is the most frequent
  • Added Building Rotator as an option
  • Added Multi-Language (More Information soon)
  • Some improvements & bugs fixes
  • Improved installer
  • Added mapsets images

Map changes

  • Seven new maps added to the mappool: Bonnie Springs, Colorado, Klondike, Manchac, Mendocino, Tassili and Adirondacks.
  • Colorado, Klondike, Mendochino, Tassili, Adirondacks and Manchac added to the team maps set.
  • Tibet removed from the team maps set.
  • The new maps have all been added to the ESOC maps set.
  • K&B maps added to the patch in a seperate set.

Patch changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the launcher to crash upon starting
  • Fixed an issue where the launcher would crash after clicking on 'options'
  • Fixed an issue where playing on K&B maps would reset all your settings