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The ESOC Patch is a balance and content patch designed to improve the gameplay experience without making major gameplay changes. It has protection against known cheats.

The ESOC Patch uses different map sets than RE and includes new ESOC Maps.

Here are some quick links to every changelog by major version of the ESOC Patch:

Below you can see combined changelog of all versions released to date.

Effective changes from the official (Robot Entertainment or "RE") patch — TAD 1.03[edit | edit source]

Balance changes[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • "The Exiled Prince” & Fortress Age "The Messenger" age-time increased to 45s (from 40s)
  • Town Center cost reduced to 500w (from 600w); “kill” experience-bounty adjusted to 200 (from 240)
  • Wall hitpoints decreased to 1500 (from 3000); line of sight decreased to 1 (from 4)
  • “Bastion” improvement increased to +400% wall hitpoints (from +150%); moved to Fortress Age (from Colonial); now also increases Wall build-time by 50%
  • Fishing Boat cost reduced to 70w (from 100w); experience-bounties adjusted to 7 (from 10)
  • “Advanced Dock" shipment no longer affects Fishing Boat train-time
  • “East Indiamen” shipment changed from -30% Fishing Boat cost and 1 Dock Rickshaw to -20w Fishing Boat cost and 1 Dock Rickshaw
  • “Schooners” shipment changed from -60% Fishing Boat cost to -20w & -40% Fishing Boat cost & train-time, respectively
  • “Hire Egyptian Mamelukes” shipment decreased to 4 Mamelukes (from 5)
  • Canoe range & line-of-sight decreased to 18 & 22 (from 20 & 24), respectively
  • War Canoe range & line-of-sight decreased to 25 & 29 (from 30 & 34), respectively
  • Monitor cost reduced to 600w, 200c (from 800w, 200c); experience-bounties adjusted to 80 (from 100); “Long-range Bombardment Attack” cooldown increased to 90 seconds (from 60) & range decreased to 70 (from 100)
  • “Admiralty” shipment changed from increased warship build-limits to Dock warship improvements cost & research-time halved
  • "European Cannons" shipment changed from "+20% warship attack and +5 warship range & line-of-sight" to "+30% warship attack"
  • "Offshore Support" shipment changed from "+20% warship attack and +5 warship range & line-of-sight" to "+20% warship attack and +2 warship range & line-of-sight"
  • Native Scout snare effect removed (no longer slows target)
  • “Mass Cavalry” improvement decreased to -40% cavalry train-time (from -50%); cost reduced to 600c (from 750c)
  • Dragoon ranged resistance decreased to 20% (from 30%)
  • "Apache Raiders" improvement decreased to +1 Apache Cavalry villager multipliers (from +2)

Aztecs[edit | edit source]

  • War Chief cover mode removed
  • “TEAM Cheap Fishing Boats” shipment changed to -20w (from -25%) Fishing Boat cost

British[edit | edit source]

  • Manor cost increased to 140w (up from 135w); experience-bounties adjusted to 28 ("build", from 27) and 56 ("kill", from 54)

Chinese[edit | edit source]

  • Village fattening rate decreased to 25% before Fortress Age (from 50%)
  • Shaolin Master cover mode removed; passive-aggressive abilities chance now increases to 30% (from 20%) when reaching Colonial Age
  • Disciple train-time decreased to 7s (from 11s)
  • "TEAM Improved Warships" shipment increased to +20% (from 15%) attack & hitpoints
  • Forbidden Army (2 Iron Flails & 2 Meteor Hammers) train-time increased to 33s (from 29s)
  • Qiang Pikeman hand attack light infantry multiplier increased to 3.5 (from 2.25)
  • “Old Han Reforms” shipment decreased to +50% (from +100%) Chu-Ko-Nu & Qiang Pikeman attack & hitpoints and +20% (from +50%) unit costs; food cost removed
  • Territorial Army (3 Arquebusiers & 3 Changdao Swordsmen) train-time decreased to 29s (from 33s)

Dutch[edit | edit source]

  • Bank build-limit increased to 5 (from 4); experience-bounties increased (standardized) to 140 (“build”, from 70) and 280 (“kill”, from 140)

French[edit | edit source]

  • Coureur Des Bois cost increased to 125 food (from 120 food)
  • “Thoroughbreds” shipment no longer decreases the train time of Cuirassiers

Germans[edit | edit source]

  • "Advanced Dock" shipment increased from +50% damage, +50% heal-rate to +100% damage, +100% heal-rate and -33% Warship train-time
  • Uhlan hitpoints decreased to 180 (from 190)
  • Doppelsoldner hitpoints increased to 240 (from 230)
  • "Lipizzaner Cavalry" shipment increased to +25% (from 15%) Uhlan attack & hitpoints

Indians[edit | edit source]

  • House cost reduced to 70w (from 80w); experience-bounties adjusted to 14 (“build”, from 16) & 28 (“kill”, from 32); hitpoints decreased to 800 (from 1200)
  • “TEAM 5 Urumi” shipment decreased to 4 Urumi Swordsmen
  • Sepoy hitpoints decreased to 180 (from 190)
  • Zamburak ranged resistance decreased to 20% (from 30%); Mansabdar updated accordingly

Iroquois[edit | edit source]

  • 200 food added to starting crates
  • 200 wood removed from starting crates
  • “Crates of 100 Food, 100 Wood, and 100 Coin" INFINITE shipment increased to 200f, 100w, 100c
  • "Crates of 200 Food, 200 Wood, and 200 Coin" shipment increased to 300f, 300w, 200c

Japanese[edit | edit source]

  • Golden Pavilion wonder ranged unit attack bonus decreased to 10% (from 15%)
  • Shrine cost reduced to 120w (from 125w); experience-bounties adjusted from 25 to 24 (build) & 50 to 48 (kill)
  • Shogun Tokugawa aura decreased to +10% hitpoints (from 20%); cost increased to 750c (from 350c); experience-bounties adjusted from 35 to 75
  • “Bakufu” shipment Daimyo & Shogun work-rate bonus decreased to 50% (from 100%)

Ottomans[edit | edit source]

  • “TEAM Silk Road” shipment effect increased to 25% (from 15%); moved to Discovery Age (from Colonial Age); TEAM effect removed
  • Janissary cost reduced to 90f, 25c (from 100f, 25c); experience-bounties adjusted from 13 to 12; hitpoints decreased to 210 (from 235)
  • "Janissary Combat" home-city shipment increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • Abus Gun reload time (“rate of fire”) increased to 3.5s (from 3s)
  • “Veteran Abus Gun” improvement now also adds 2 range
  • "Guard Abus Gun" improvement cost reduced to 600w, 600c (from 450f, 600w, 600c)
  • Mosque experience-trickle increased to 0.7/s (from 0.4/s); economic improvements cost halved

Portuguese[edit | edit source]

  • 100 food removed from starting crates
  • Settler cost reduced to 85f (from 100f)
  • “Genitours” shipment effect decreased to +4 Dragoon range (from +6)

Russians[edit | edit source]

  • Musketeer batch cost reduced to 270f, 90c (from 281.25f, 93.75c)
  • “17 Strelets” shipment increased to 20 Strelets

Sioux[edit | edit source]

  • Bow Rider hitpoints decreased to 220 (from 250)
  • Cetan Bow hitpoints increased to 100 (from 90) and speed increased to 4.5 (from 4)
  • “4 Villagers” shipment removed
  • Brand new “5 Villagers” shipment added to Colonial Age
  • Teepee hitpoints increased to 600 (from 300); may now be constructed by War Hut units by default; default hitpoints aura decreased to 7% (from 10%) and range increased to 18 (from 12); default gather-rate aura added (3% per Teepee in range 24)
  • “Aggressive Policy” shipment now increases Teepee gather-rate aura from 3% to 5% (instead of enabling War Hut units to construct Teepees)
  • "Friendly Territory" shipment attack aura range decreased to 18 (from 24)
  • War Chief “heavy cavalry” unit-tag added; ranged resistance now increases to 30% (from 10%) when reaching Fortress Age

Spanish[edit | edit source]

  • "Spanish Gold" shipment now grants 400c with every shipment, including itself (instead of boosting Galleons and Saloons); moved from Industrial to Fortress Age
  • Missionary cost reduced to 50w, 50c (from 100w, 100c); experience-bounties adjusted from 20 to 10
  • “Unction” shipment attack aura decreased to 4% (from 5%) per Missionary
  • Rodelero hand attack increased to 11 (from 10)
  • Colonial and Fortress-Age Rodelero shipments increased by one unit each
  • Fortress-Age Lancer shipments increased by one unit each

Map changes[edit | edit source]

Four new map pools are introduced and the Quick Search pool has been changed. The new map pools consist of the following maps:

ESOC Maps (all currently existing ESOC maps)[edit | edit source]

  • ESOC Adirondacks
  • ESOC Alaska
  • ESOC Arizona
  • ESOC Arkansas
  • ESOC Baja California
  • ESOC Bonnie Springs
  • ESOC Bengal
  • ESOC Cascade Range
  • ESOC Colorado
  • ESOC Florida
  • ESOC Fertile Crescent
  • ESOC Gran Chaco
  • ESOC Great Basin
  • ESOC High plains
  • ESOC Herald Island
  • ESOC Hudson Bay
  • ESOC Indonesia
  • ESOC Iowa
  • ESOC Jebel Musa
  • ESOC Kamchatka
  • ESOC Klondike
  • ESOC Manchac
  • ESOC Manchuria
  • ESOC Malaysia
  • ESOC Mendocino
  • ESOC Pampas Sierras
  • ESOC Parallel Rivers
  • ESOC Tassili
  • ESOC Thar Desert
  • ESOC Tibet
  • ESOC Wadmalaw

ESOC Standard Maps (also Quick Search pool)[edit | edit source]

  • Adirondacks
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Baja California
  • Bengal
  • Cascade Range
  • Colorado
  • Fertile Crescent
  • Florida
  • Gran Chaco
  • Great Basin
  • Herald Island
  • High Plains
  • Hudson Bay
  • Kamchatka
  • Malaysia
  • Manchuria
  • Mendocino
  • Pampas Sierras
  • Tassili

ESOC Team Maps (ESOC maps recommended for team games)[edit | edit source]

  • Adirondacks
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Baja California
  • Bengal
  • Cascade Range
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Fertile Crescent
  • Gran Chaco
  • High Plains
  • Hudson Bay
  • Kamchatka
  • Manchuria
  • Mendocino
  • Pampas Sierras
  • Thar Desert

Team Maps (mix of maps recommended for team games)[edit | edit source]

  • ESOC Adirondacks
  • ESOC Alaska
  • ESOC Arkansas
  • ESOC Baja California
  • ESOC Bengal
  • ESOC Cascade Range
  • ESOC Colorado
  • ESOC Florida
  • ESOC Fertile Crescent
  • ESOC Gran Chaco
  • ESOC High Plains
  • ESOC Hudson Bay
  • ESOC Kamchatka
  • ESOC Manchuria
  • ESOC Mendocino
  • ESOC Pampas Sierras
  • ESOC Thar Desert
  • Silk Road
  • Siberia
  • Himalayas
  • Himalayas Upper
  • Painted Desert
  • Andes
  • Deccan
  • New England

RE Standard Maps (the standard map pool currently used for Quick Search on the official RE patch — TAD 1.03)[edit | edit source]

  • Araucania
  • Bayou
  • Borneo
  • California
  • Carolina
  • Deccan
  • Great Lakes
  • Great Plains
  • Himalayas
  • Hispaniola
  • Indochina
  • Mongolia
  • New England
  • Ozarks
  • Painted Desert
  • Patagonia
  • Saguenay
  • Siberia
  • Silk Road
  • Sonora
  • Texas
  • Yellow River
  • Yucatan
  • Yukon

Features[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • The team selection dropdown additionally allows choosing teams 3 & 4 in both singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • Default state of the Free-for-all option in multiplayer game rooms (ESO/LAN) now persists for the host indefinitely (saved in profile).
  • Replaced the "Play Fast" button in record game UI with a dropdown allowing for a more precise selection of the playback speed factor - effectively allowing for faster playback than which was possible before. Value "1" is equivalent to the default speed, while value "2" is equivalent to the previously available "Play Fast" button. Note that playback speed remains highly influenced by the particular recorded game and by computer processing power.

ESO game browser[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new filter option to the Filter dialog; "Show games hosted on a different patch". With this option disabled, you will only see games hosted on the same patch as you're on and able to actually join. The option persists only until you leave ESO; the initial state always remains to show games hosted on any TAD-based patch.
  • Added a new checkbox option above the game list; "Auto-pest inviters". With this option enabled, anyone who invites you to a custom game will become immediately pested. This option persists throughout a single game session (until the game is closed), disabled by default. The option is meant to alleviate the "invite spam" glitch, possibly making the glitch harder to execute or grant some additional time before it goes through. Absolutely no results guaranteed, previous attempts at this approach had mixed results at best. Note that the pest list has a limited size, which currently remains up to the player to manage.

Diplomacy / Locked Teams[edit | edit source]

  • Diplomacy can be toggled using the "Locked Teams" option in ESO/LAN multiplayer game rooms, as is common in other Age games. Since AI players are not currently able to utilize this feature intelligently, it is not made available in singleplayer Skirmish.
  • Diplomatic stance change notifications are included natively.

Multiplayer save/restore[edit | edit source]

  • Added "Save" option into the main game menu of multiplayer matches. Works the same way as in Singleplayer.
  • The game will now be automatically saved on each player's computer upon encountering an OOS (out-of-sync). The savegame filename is in the format "oos_recovery_", followed by date and time of OOS occurrence.
  • The "Unresponsive Player" dialog now allows any player to save the game on his computer using a new Save button (this does not affect the voting). In this case, the savegame filename is in the format "unresponsive_recovery_", followed by date and time of save.
  • Players are now able to host a multiplayer game of the "Savegame" game type, which will allow them to select a savegame file to restore. A "restored" game room can only be joined by players who participated in the original game (verified by player name, including the host), no game room settings can be altered before launching the restored game.
  • A "restored" game room must be hosted by the same player who had hosted the original game.
  • All players in a "restored" game room must select a homecity of the same civilization they have originally played with.
  • Remote transfer of the savegame file between players in a game room is handled automatically, similarly to Scenarios or Custom Maps.
  • All restored games will be unrated on ESO.
  • Note that a restored game which was played on any mapset will display with an unselected map in the game room. This does not signify that there is anything wrong with the savegame.
  • Note that loading a foreign savegame in general can cause some of your game settings to change (such as camera zoom distance), similarly to loading recorded games.

Observer Mode[edit | edit source]

  • The incredible Aizamk's Spectator UI is bundled with the ESOC Patch installation in all its available resolutions, and automatically activated for players who are spectating a match, according to their current game resolution. If the spectator's game resolution isn't supported, no version of the spectator UI will be activated. The Spectator UI will be automatically activated in live matches as well as while playing back recorded games on a UI-enabled map (working on all post-UI 2.2 maps and post-EP 6.1 recs). The Japanese branch of Aizamk's Spectator UI is also supported in all its resolutions, but requires manually creating file "isjapaneseversion.txt" in the root game folder in order to activate it in place of the English one.
  • The "minimized UI" game option will become automatically enabled while observing, in order to ensure no display issues with the spectator UI. Upon leaving the match, this option will be returned to its original state in the case it's been force-switched. This should allow for seamless observing even for users who prefer maximized UI during regular gameplay.
  • A separate checkbox option "Observer Mode" has been introduced, available only in multiplayer lobbies (ESO/LAN). This option is used to activate observer mode on any map that supports it (all UIx maps). The new option is properly synchronized between players in a game room, and its default state will persist for the host indefinitely (saved in profile).
  • Whenever a "team observer mode" game room is joined by a player, default teams as appropriate for the Observer Mode logic will be preselected for all players in the game room. For these purposes, a "team observer mode" game room is defined as a room with 4 or more players, FFA disabled, and Observer Mode enabled. With 4 to 6 players, 2v2 tvb is assumed. With 7 to 8 players, 3v3 tvb is assumed. Observers are placed on team 3.
  • The amount of experience received for deleted units/buildings is not affected by the number of observers in a match. Players will always receive the full bounty award in observer games, as if there were only two opposing teams.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

  • The bundled version of Aizamk's Spectator UI is functionally equivalent to the initial UI 2.2 release, as of now.
  • If you currently have Aizamk's Spectator UI manually installed, you will still need to uninstall it in order to get on the regular game UI. Unless you are intending to observe games not played on the environment of ESOC patches, you should not need to install it again.
  • Game resolution for Aizamk's Spectator UI is decided upon match start, and will not react to further resolution changes applied during the course of a match. The game resolutions supported by Aizamk's Spectator UI are:
    • 1920 x 1080
    • 1680 x 1050
    • 1600 x 900
    • 1366 x 768
    • 1280 x 800
    • 1280 x 768
    • 1280 x 720

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese End Isolation improvement now correctly reduces unit attack by 5% (down from 10%).
  • Chinese Repelling Volley home-city shipment now correctly applies increased bonus damage against Eagle Runner Knights.
  • Japanese Close Combat home-city shipment now correctly applies increased bonus damage against light infantry.
  • Aztec Fortress Age Shaman politician now properly grants 2 Nobles’ Hut Travois.
  • Berry Bushes now have a maximum villager limit of 8 per bush to prevent idle villagers from not being displayed as a notification.
  • Incan Bolas Warriors now have correct multipliers against light cavalry and Eagle Runner Knights (standardized to 2).
  • Flail Elephant “Build” and “Kill” experience-points bounties properly adjusted to 25.
  • Flaming Arrows now have the correct multiplier against Arrow Knights.
  • Flying Crows now have the correct multiplier against light infantry.
  • Galleons can now train Gurkhas.
  • Gatling Guns now have the correct icon.
  • Howdahs and Mansabdar Howdahs now have standardized modifiers; Howdahs now get the correct multiplier against Coyote Runners in Melee Mode.
  • Banner Mongolian Army now has the correct population count when made.
  • Rescued Iroquois Tomahawks now have the correct multiplier against light infantry.
  • Oprichniks now have the correct multiplier against siege units and artillery in Defend and Trample modes.
  • Native Villagers now have the ability to build Caravanserais for Indian allies who get the Aztec TEAM 3 Villager home-city shipment.
  • Siege Elephants and Mansabdar Siege Elephants now have the correct multiplier against light infantry as they do against cavalry.
  • Tiger Claws siege attack and hand attack in Cover Mode now decreases properly.
  • Turkeys are now able to enhance nearby Shrines.
  • Wakina Rifles “Build” and “Kill” experience-points bounties properly adjusted to 10 (up from 9).
  • Sufi War Elephants now have the previously missing AbstractElephant flag. To facilitate this fix, Professional Handlers has been changed to affect only the Howdah, Mahout, Flail, and Siege elephant (Mansabdars included).
  • 3 Galleys home-city shipment now has the correct icon.
  • Aztec Chests of 500 coin home-city shipment now has the correct icon.
  • Blood Brothers home-city shipment now upgrades everything in the correct order so that units’ names are correct.
  • Cheyenne Cheyenne Fury improvement now properly grants a bonus against light infantry.
  • Exalted Meteor Hammer improvement now properly increases Meteor Hammer base damage by 50%.
  • Heavy Fortifications home-city shipment now upgrades in the correct order and displays correct names; it now properly includes the effect of the Revetment improvement.
  • Infantry Breastplate improvement now correctly affects Mercenary Blowgun Warriors, Blowgun Ambushers, Blind Monks and Iron Troops.
  • Klamath Klamath Work Ethos improvement now correctly affects Rice Paddies and Mango Groves.
  • Japanese Yamashiro home-city shipment now properly increases the range of Castles’ Bombard Attack.
  • Spanish Tercio Tactics home-city shipment now correctly displays “Rodeleros” (as opposed to “Redoleros”).
  • Counter Infantry Rifling improvement now properly affects Renegados and Thuggees.
  • Ranged Cavalry Caracole improvement now properly affects Comancheros.
  • Socket Bayonet improvement now properly affects Pistoleros and Dacoits.
  • Indian Royal Green Jackets home-city shipment now properly affects Mansabdar Gurkhas.
  • Hussars upgraded to the Imperial status after revolting with Bernardo O’Higgins politician have now their names displayed correctly.
  • Klamath Klamath Huckleberry Feast improvement now properly grants 10 food crates after 30 minutes.
  • Indian, Chinese and Sioux Surgeons can now construct Field Hospitals.
  • British TEAM Musketeer / Grenadier Hitpoints home-city shipment now properly affects Janissaries.
  • Mercenary Huron Mantlets now have the previously missing AbstractInfantry tag.
  • Outpost Wagons can now build War Huts for native civilizations.
  • Aztec War Chiefs now have proper damage flag added to their Hand Attack and should not hurt allied units after sending the Smoking Mirror home-city shipment.
  • German Advanced Dock home-city shipment now correctly makes ships train faster.
  • Spanish Consulate Nanban Trade improvement now correctly affects experience-points income from Trading Posts and Asian Trading Posts.
  • Hire Li'l Bombards home-city shipment now has the correct icon.
  • Chinese can now research the Imperial Cannon improvement at their Factory.
  • British, Chinese, Indians, and Japanese can no longer ship Mercenary Loyalty home-city shipment twice.
  • British Yeomen home-city shipment now properly increases Longbowmen’s range in all formations.
  • 2 Orchard Rickshaws are now correctly spawned for the Japanese at the beginning of the game on Andes.
  • Spanish Quatrefage and Dutch Stadhouders improvements no longer change the position of Barracks improvements in the UI; Russian Kalmucks and Bashkir Ponies improvements and German Polish Winged Hussars home-city shipment no longer change the position of Stable improvements in the UI; French Garde Imperial 1, Garde Imperial 2 and Garde Imperial 3 improvements no longer change the position of Artillery Foundry improvements in the UI.
  • Chinese, Japanese, and Indian Surgeons now have correct sound files.
  • Iroquois Discovery Travois now has correct sound files.
  • Fattened Goats received from Sufi Pilgrimage improvement now have correct sound files.
  • Portuguese Consulate Ironclads now have correct sound files.
  • Silk Road Trading Sites now have correct sound files.
  • Russian Kalmucks now have correct sound files.
  • Ottoman Consulate Settlers now have correct sound files.
  • TEAM Native 3 villagers now have correct unit voices when used by other Civilizations.
  • Spanish Quatrefage Halberdiers now have correct Spanish Pikeman audio.
  • Dutch Consulate Church now has correct Dutch texture.
  • Dutch Consulate Arsenal now has correct Dutch texture.
  • Portuguese TEAM Early Dragoons home-city shipment now enables German War Wagons, Aztec Eagle Runner Knights and Nobles’ Hut.
  • Dutch Consulate Church is now able to train Spies.
  • Russian Consulate Blockhouse bug now limits the Chinese Blockhouse to a build limit of one when using any rescued villagers, TEAM villagers, and Cree CDB.
  • French TEAM Ranged Infantry Attack home-city shipment no longer increases the attack of Cavalry Archers, Bow Riders, Keshiks, and Yabusame.
  • TEAM 5 Manchu home-city shipment now correctly takes 60 seconds to arrive.
  • Arsonists and Repentant Arsonists now have correct 'Mercenary' tag.
  • Dutch Consulate Bank is now inline with Dutch Bank.
  • Repentant Fusiliers now have correct 1.5x bonus against Light Infantry in defend mode.
  • xpTomahawk now throws a tomahawk.
  • Native Settlers throw spears correctly.
  • China Record Game bug caused by ypMonasteryDiscipleAura was changed to have no aura effect and increase Disciple base hitpoints and base damage by 10%.
  • Aztec Eagle Knight now throws a spear.
  • Native Eagle Warrior now has correct modifiers against Cavalry, CoyoteMen, Light Cavalry, and Eagle Knights.
  • TWC and TAD, including all Revolt Flags, now have new High Quality images to match the original flags.
  • Abus Guns have correct modifiers vs Light Cavalry or Eagle Knights in stagger and defend modes.
  • Asian versions of Elmeti, Mamelukes, and Li'l Bombards are no longer available in the Fortress Age.
  • Industrial Age Shogunate wonder experience-points bounty decreased to 600 XP (down from 1600 XP), as originally intended.
  • Units tagged as LightInfantry are affected by British Consulate hit-points boost.
  • SaloonOutlawRider now deal correct hand attack damage in melee mode.
  • Gates properly reduce to the new hitpoints of 1500 and 0 LOS.
  • Flame Throwers damage cap correctly adjusted to 35 so it deals the correct amount of damage to units.
  • Warriors from the Alarm Dance now fire arrows.
  • Wokou Horseman Guardians now fire arrows.
  • Spain's Fortress age shipments now display the correct numbers.
  • Castles’ Bombard Attack now has the correct multiplier against light infantry.
  • Removed dopple effect from cow, water buffalo, yak, sacred cow (their corpses no longer show up as alive and stationary in fog of war).
  • Fixed a bug that allowed monitors to target empty TP sockets.
  • Corrected Gribeauval System HC card description.
  • King's Hill fort is no longer deletable.
  • Consulate blockhouse banner armies now spawn properly.
  • Fixed Surgeon is now visible under fog while acting as a treasure.
  • Adjusted Cherry Orchard and Mango Grove placement obstruction radius to make them replaceable on the same spot.
  • Docks now respect the restricted build radius during the treaty period.
  • Fixed rate-of-fire exploit on Monitor through charged actions.
  • Fixed reload animation of gunpowder units, mainly an issue with attack move mode. Units will no longer appear as standing idle while reloading.
  • Besteiro unique model/art now activates upon sending the church Besteiros upgrade.
  • Carabineer unique model/art now activates upon researching the Carabineers upgrade.
  • Spahis will now scale stats correctly even for non-Ottoman players, according to the Spahi owner's Age.
  • Fixed Tomahawks sometimes playing the running animation while idle.
  • Recalculated Flail Elephant kill bounty to the correct value (30 -> 25). Recalculated Mansabdar Flail Elephant build/kill bounty (60 -> 50).
  • Recalculated bounties of Missionary to the correct values (20 -> 10).
  • Flaming Arrow; added missing 0.5 damage multiplier against Arrow Knight.
  • Added missing Tracked flag to Bank Wagon, making it potentially usable by AI.
  • Fixed Lancer textures being overly shiny in certain lightsets.
  • Fixed Gurkha hotkey name (previously labeled as Urumi Swordsman).
  • Fixed shipment arrival message of Indian Distributivism misleadingly referring to the card as Agrarianism.
  • Samurai: removed nonstandard multipliers vs Villager and Elephant (previously 0.5 and 1.15, respectively).
  • Removed nonstandard Villager multipliers from all AbstractElephant units (previously 0.5 for Siege Elephant's attack and in hand attack of the rest).
  • Flamethrower "Disciplined", "Honored" and "Exalted" improvements decreased from 30%, 35% & 60% to standard values 20%, 30% & 50%, respectively.
  • Exalted Tekkousen upgrade cost increased to standard 1500w/1500c (up from 1000w/1000c), to be in line with Frigates.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Cherokee Basket Weaving upgrade from removing the wood cost of Amalgamation.
  • Obstruction radius will now take proper effect on native settlements under fog.
  • Fixed a bug causing Comanche native village (type 3) to always spawn without obstruction objects and therefore being passable by units.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause building foundations placed near native settlements to not be actually buildable.
  • Prevent Barn from becoming invisible under fog (problem on map ESOC Bonnie Springs).
  • Fixed a bug causing the Disciplined Urumi shadow tech effects to be applied team-wide; especially problematic in combination with the Team Urumi shipment, which enables this tech even for non-Indian teammates.
  • Fixed a bug causing certain unit sounds to be heard across the whole game map, regardless of camera distance from the sound origin. The affected units/sounds were: Flamethrower (death), Flying Crow (death), Howdah (siege), Mansabdar Howdah (siege), Siege Elephant (attack), Mansabdar Siege Elephant (attack), Morutaru (attack), Shogun Tokugawa (attack), Mansabdar Flail Elephant (attack), Asian Fishing Boat (attack).
  • Fixed a bug causing the Sioux Warchief building animation to sometimes not activate.
  • Fixed a bug allowing for "knocked out" units (such as downed explorers) to wake up on command at any point by using a hotkey to change their tactics/squadmode.
  • The master game sound level will no longer reset to maximum level whenever the game window regains focus.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a building foundation to be built at a much slower speed than intended when the main builder unit's action was suspended in an irregular way (garrison).
  • Fixed a bug where garrisoned builders could continue to affect the maximum builder limit of a placed building foundation they were originally tasked on, resulting in less or even no other builders being able to be tasked on the building foundation.