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Welcome to the ESOC Wiki, a comprehensive Age of Empires 3 resource made by and for the community!

What is ESOC? (ESOC) is an Age of Empires 3 website run by the community for the community. ESOC initially began as a hosting website founded in 2015 for the drought-ending tournament Age of Empires 3 Spring Championship (ASC Spring). The event, a resounding success (its Grand Finals reaching an unprecedented 1000 concurrent viewers!), inspired ESOC to continue to host seasonal, free-to-enter, crowdfunded tournaments. As the website grew, so too did the brand: tournament notation changed from ASC to ESOC, YouTube and Twitch accounts were launched, and ESOC became the focal point for Age of Empires 3 community. The website now boasts over 8,000 forum members, a balance patch crafted by the game’s top minds, and roughly a dozen completed tournaments totaling over $6,400 USD in cumulative prize pool handouts. Through the generosity of community donors and the dedication of an all-volunteer staff, ESOC has created a sustainable model to provide you, the community, with the best Age of Empires 3 content on the internet.

Home to newcomers and seasoned veterans, top players and conscripts alike, the forums offer a variety of content we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Fan-made ESOC Patch (EP), consisting of:
    • Anti-cheat protection
    • Improved civilization balance
    • More than 50 new and polished maps
    • Multiple bug fixes
    • Integrated Treaty Patch, with its own set of changes tailored to that game mode
  • ESOC ELO Ladder
  • General AoE3 discussion
  • Recorded games
  • Strategy Wall
  • XP Mod
  • Twitch streams with well-known casters

What is the ESOC Wiki?

The ESOC Wiki is the first AoE3-exclusive wiki in the game's history. Launched in Summer 2018, it is the culmination of a years-long effort by the ESOC staff to preserve and organize the vast wealth of knowledge available on It is a key component of the ESOC mission of encouraging competitive gameplay and advancing the AoE3 dialogue.