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Welcome to (ESOC), an Age of Empires 3 website run by the community for the community. ESOC initially began as a hosting website founded in 2015 for the drought ending tournament Age of Empires 3 Spring Championship (ASC Spring). The event, a resounding success, its grand finals reaching an unprecedented 1000 concurrent viewers in the scene, inspired ESOC to continue to host seasonal, free-to-enter, crowdfunded tournaments. As the website grew, so too did the brand, tournament notation changed from ASC to ESOC, YouTube and Twitch accounts were created, and ESOC became and now remains the focal point for Age of Empires 3 community congregation. The website now boasts over 8,000 forum members, a balance patch crafted by the game’s top minds, and roughly a dozen completed tournaments totaling over $6,400 USD in cumulative prize pool handout. With the established aide of individual donations and YouTube revenue, with the hard work of passionate and talented volunteers, ESOC has created a sustainable model aimed to provide you, the community, the best Age of Empires 3 content on the internet. aa Home to newcomers and seasoned veterans, top players and conscripts alike, the forums offer a variety of content we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Fan-made ESOC Patch (EP), consisting of:
  • ESOC Elo Ladder
  • General AoE3 discussion
  • Recorded games
  • Strategy Wall
  • XP Mod
  • Twitch streams with well-known casters

Looking for more Age of Empires 3 content and information? Visit the website’s sidebar for additional Community Links. Looking to join the forums? Create an account here and introduce yourself in our Introduction Thread; we’d love to hear from you! Can’t get enough of the Age of Empires 3 community? Join our Discord channel here.