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Age of Empires 3 tournament history
Starting year Tournament name Game version Total prizepool in USD 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
2018 WoL Cheese Hunt Championship Wars of Liberty mod 250 Mitoe _NT_sven HappyMooMoo Alucard
2018 Time2Treaty 1v1 Chameleon Tournament Treaty Patch 350 dicktator_ Lukas_L99 FloKo83
2018 ESOC Autumn Championship 2018 ESOC Patch 1600 snowww kynesie LordRaphael Hazza54321
2018 ESOC Autumn 2018 Second Chance ESOC Patch 0 iamturk Conquerer999 Jerimuno Chusik
2018 ESOC Grand Tour Season 1 Playoffs ESOC Patch 300 Kaiserklein Knuschelbär LordRaphael Mitoe
2018 ESOC Weekend Tours Sup Cup #3 ESOC Patch 150 LordRaphael Kaiserklein Knuschelbär Tit
2018 ESOC Weekend Tours Fort Frenzy ESOC Patch 100 LordRaphael Tit Mitoe OPTIMUS_PRIME
2018 ESOC Weekend Tours Blitz Bash Treaty Patch 100 Conquerer999 Lukas_L99 FloKo83 Gichtenlord
2018 ESOC Weekend Tours Supremacy Cup #2 ESOC Patch 150 Kaiserklein Conquerer999 Knuschelbär Tit
2018 ESOC Weekend Tours 2v2 Tour ESOC Patch 150 Tit & Kynesie Hazza54321 & KINGofOsmane Ward_V & Knuschelbär ramex12 & ramex19
2018 ESOC Weekend Tours Deathmatch Open ESOC Patch 150 Conquerer999 Zivearia foire421 Mongobillione
2018 ESOC Weekend Tours Mono-Civ Cup ESOC Patch 200 Mitoe SomppuKunkku Aizamk Knuschelbär
2018 ESOC Weekend Tours Supremacy Cup #1 ESOC Patch 150 LordRaphael Mitoe PrinceofKabul Conquerer999
2017 ESOC Autumn Championship 2017 ESOC Patch 1100 Mitoe goongoon snowww Kaiserklein
2017 ESOC Autumn 2017 Second Chance ESOC Patch 0 OPTIMUS__PRIME Jerimuno SVmerle Jerom_
2017 Time2Treaty Tournament Treaty Patch 250 sabusa & mrjonjoe dicktator_ & QueenOfdestiny FloKo83 & Zivearia
2017 WarChiefs Classic ESOC Patch 200 Aizamk Diarouga Mitoe Kaiserklein
2017 ESOC Spring Championship 2017 ESOC Patch 1500 BlackStar_OP LordRaphael Kaiserklein Mitoe
2017 ESOC Spring 2017 Second Chance ESOC Patch 0 Butifle LoOk_tOm Mongobillione Jerimuno
2017 Basement Time to Micro Tournament RE Patch 50 Kaiserklein Kuvira (duck) Mongobillione EAGLEMUT
2017 Insight Studios New Year's Invitational ESOC Patch 100 Hazza54321 GiveUAnxiety
2017 ESOC 2v2 Invitational ESOC Patch 200 Veni_Vidi_Vici_W & BlackStar_OP snowww & PrinceofKabul
2016 ESOC Autumn Championship 2016 ESOC Patch 600 LordRaphael _H2O mongo10
2016 ESOC Autumn 2016 Second Chance ESOC Patch 0 duolckrad Britishmusketeer lemmings121 n0el
2016 Starvation Tournament ESOC Patch 100 LordRaphael Mitoe
2016 Treaty Titans Invitational Treaty Patch 150 Lukas_L99 sabusa dicktator_ Gichtenlord
2016 ESOC Invitational ESOC Patch 150 diarouga PrinceofKabul
2016 ESOC Winter Championship 2016 ESOC Patch 1000 _H2O LordRaphael kynesie diarouga
2015 Treaty Cup RE Patch 400 dicktator_ Lukas_L99 Donorprince AJIV
2015 ESOC Summer Tournament RE Patch 1000 Samwise12 ACERGAME09 goongoon BadSpeed (MusketJr)
2015 ESOC Spring Tournament RE Patch 650 BlackStar_OP _H2O Veni_Vidi_Vici_W nagayumi